DOWNLOAD William's Buyer's Guide: 8 Steps To Buying Your Home PDF

William's 6 page brochure is an easy read. William quickly guides you through the home buying process, including his own proprietary 29 step process!

DOWNLOAD William's Article: "Putting Your Offer Together"

This is William's article on exactly how to put together your offer! It's chock full of advice that will walk you through the offer process and educate you on the key elements to watch for in the contract. Don't write an offer without reading this document first!


Download William's Sample Contract Packet PDF 

This PDF packet contains a sample contract/offer. Download it to become familiar with the various elements of the offer you will receive on your home, once you list with William.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 1-4 Family Residential Contract
  • Third Party Financing Addendum
  • Seller's Estimated Net Sheet 


Download William's Complete Moving Guide PDF

This PDF packet contains a complete guide to moving along with helpful checklists for helping you plan your move.

Download William's Homeowner's Maintenance Tip Guide

Isn’t it amazing that the homes we live in (our largest asset) didn't come with a homeowner’s manual? In partnership with Old Republic Home Warranty, this Tip Guide provides a wealth of knowledge that homeowners will treasure life-long.

This unique guide features:

  • Annual and semi-annual maintenance schedule
  • Emergency tips (plumbing, electrical, gas leaks, fire precautions, roof maintenance, roof inspection)
  • Exterior maintenance tips (How to inspect siding, exterior caulking tips, foundation inspection tips, garage doors, driveways, walkways & steps, wood decks)
  • PLUS a comprehensive System/Appliance Malfunctioning Troubleshooting Section

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